• We are the global leader in the exchange of product information, rich content and ecommerce solutions.

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  • Rich Inline Marketing Content

    lnline Content may be as simple as a blurb of text describing the product, or as rich and attractive as a full spread of marketing copy with supporting imagery and videos, photo galleries, datasheets, and more.

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  • Comprehensive Product Information

    Complete and accurate product data (images, product details and specifications) for over 12 Million product SKUs in 32 markets and 23 languages.

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  • Influence your channel product data with PartnerAccess™

    Enabling manufacturers to streamline product releases and influence the product content delivered to our DataSource™ customers.

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  • Guided Selling Tools

    Empowering customers to make the right product purchase using integrated product and accessory finders.

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  • ChannelOnline

    Automating the sales cycle to help resellers and solution providers quote faster and sell more by aggregating leading suppliers, providing detailed product data, enabling catalog and customer management, and enabling sales from quote to sales order.

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  • Differentiating your online presence with custom content

    Now, retailers can have unique product descriptions, custom category descriptions, landing pages that are keyword-enriched and discoverable by search engines.

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Connecting Businesses in 33 Global Markets

Ingram Micro

CNET Content Solutions is the global leader in the exchange of product information, rich content and ecommerce solutions that powers ecommerce sites from SMB to Enterprise. Since 1999 we have served our clients by providing aggregation, management, exchange and syndication of product information (images, specs, related products) between manufacturers, distributors, retailers, VARs, and marketplaces. Over the years our products and services have grown to meet client demands to include rich content syndication, cross-sell and up-sell services, product finders and digital sales advisors, custom solutions, quote/procurement Saas solutions, ecommerce store service, and global ecommerce insights and analytics.

To empower your channel partners or build a world-class ecommerce site and with the most complete, trusted, and cost-effective products, solutions and support in the industry, please contact us today.

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