ContentCast™ Content Builder (Live Demo)


CNET Content Solutions provides a Vendor Portal for manufacturers, empowering you to have more control over what is being syndicated to retail partners. From the Vendor Portal, you can manage your partners, build Inline Content, and add product SKUs. After adding content to your preferred SKUs, your product information is pushed live to our comprehensive retailer network.

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The Inline Content Builder within the Vendor Portal provides a WYSIWYG editor that enables you to enrich your product SKUs with marketing elements such as:

  • Rich Content
  • Media Gallery
  • 360° Spin and Flash Tour
  • Hotspots
  • Compare Tables
  • Inline Videos
  • MP4 and YouTube Video Support
  • PDF Document Management
  • Flexible Layout Options
  • Zoom Images with Mouseover

The Inline Content you build is then delivered to partner websites. With ContentCast’s Inline Content Builder, you have the ability to create rich content for product SKUs that retailers are already requesting.

Detailed reporting is also available within the Vendor Portal, so you can see which retailers are requesting your product content and which products are receiving the most traffic.

By adding rich content to your product SKUs, you can ensure brand consistency and improve conversion rates.