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The Epson recommends program gives your online customers suggested Epson branded cartridges, warranty and accessories on a wide range of products. The program requires you to provide your full catalog, which is compared against the suggested Epson products and services in order to determine which items from your catalog to promote.

The recommendations are categorized within their respective tabs. Customers who click on a image from the gallery will load that product and view additional product details, have the ability to click through to the product page, view inventory if that was provided in your catalog, and add to cart.

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Below is a preview of how it will appear on your website:

Commercial Series Device
Go ahead – take it with you! Commercial Series Device are designed for the road with ultra-low-voltage processors, fantastic battery life and a super-thin and light frame.

Visit the CNET Client Portal to get started. Select 'Configure Product Page' and select the program box to add the logo to your site. For additional assistance, please contact Customer Support.