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Product Finders increase customer satisfaction and reduce product returns. The easy-to-use interface enables e-commerce sites to sell more accessories, and provide higher customer satisfaction. With the use of our comprehensive Product Finders, customers can quickly and easily locate compatible:

  • Memory for notebooks, desktops, digital cameras, and more
  • Printer ink
  • Batteries for notebooks, digital cameras, portable audio devices, and more
  • Power adapters, SSD drives, and other products, for the devices they own

Digital Sales Advisors are hosted, interactive, customer service solutions that help consumers find and purchase products based on their specific needs and preferences. Digital Sales Advisors guide consumers through a series of usage-based questions, narrowing the overall product list based on their answers.

Buying Guides give customers insight into features and help them make educated choices. They are researched and written by our Premium Content team to ensure they are accurate, up-to-date, and contain strong SEO keywords.

Cross-Selling tools show recommended products to help drive higher sales. These can be recommended accessories for a product a customer is shopping for, or similar products to allow for comparison shopping.

Enhance your website's navigation and customer experience by contacting a representative today to try out these exciting tools.

  • Customizable Appearance to match your site’s design.
  • Simple Integration using JavaScript hook.
  • Catalog Integration to ensure accurate pricing and availability.
  • New Finders and Advisors added regularly, to cover all your customer’s needs.
  • Responsive Design so that your site remains mobile friendly.
  • Simplify the Purchase Process with guided navigation and accurate recommendations.
  • Facilitate Sales with automated business logic, lowering your costs and increasing sales.
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction with easy to understand questions and recommendations.
  • Reduce Product Returns by ensuring customers get the right product the first time.

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