CNET Content Solutions specializes in helping you get the right product content to your buyers during the purchase process.

Our solutions assist your customers in searching, comparing, and learning about the products they are shopping for, empowering them to feel confident in a purchase choice.

Power your e-Commerce site
DataSource™ is structured data that powers a retailer's online store. Data that is mapped to your specific, online catalog populates your site's product pages, allows for parametric search, enables product comparison, and identifies related products. This data is built in 18 languages and covers a wide variety of product categories.

Display rich manufacturer content on your product pages
ContentCast™ gives you the ability to provide manufacturer marketing content for your product pages, including image galleries, marketing descriptions, product reviews, manufacturer or program logos, and brand showcases. This content is updated in near real-time as it is updated by the manufacturer, with little to no work on your end. Some of these elements are available at no cost.

Ensure customer confidence
Guided Selling Tools, including product finders and accessory selectors, give your customers an online sales associate experience. By leading your customer through a series of questions, your customers find the products that are right for them, ensuring customer confidence and reducing product exchanges and returns.

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